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You wrote a song and don’t know how to choose the right instruments and record it ? We work with producers and artists around the world. They will can help you achieve the best possible results for your recordings.

Producer services

You will receive producer services for making a song or album, including the presence of the recording session.


The creation of an original or a new arrangement of the song. The arrangements for the piano and stringed instruments.

Record engineering

Direct participation in the recording of the song. The search for the necessary organic and dynamic sound balance.

Drum/Synth Programming

Programming of midi files for creating realistic sound of drums or synthesizers for your song or album.



We strive for create an organic and balanced sound when mixing. The leave enough space for breathing songs and try to avoid excessive compression.

Drum editing

Sometimes not all so smooth like we want. Excellent sound to requires a great skills and time. But the real energy is here and right now we need just a little fix something.

Vocal editing

Your voice can sound better and there is nothing to worry if you recorded it at home.



For Re-amping your guitars, we use a real guitar cabinets or just Kemper.


Things to keep in mind:

Will try to record all your material as 24bit/48000kHZ or higher. The increased dynamic range counters any gain structure issues during the recording process while still retaining a low noise floor and high resolution. Bringing a fader down 6db is in effect the same as loosing 1 bit of resolution.

When you sending clean/DI guitar tracks to be Re-amped, please ensure you have used some sort of Hi impedance instrument DI as opposed to a line input. Most audio interfaces have an instrument input. The Re-amping process can get noisy or badly if the signal is not recorded properly.

When exporting tracks from your DAW, ensure that all plugins, EQs etc are bypassed and that the faders are at unity/0db (unless there are clipping problems).

Please also ensure mono files remain as mono files and are not accidentally exported to stereo files.

We prefer get the audio files in .wav or stems and MIDI files. We can accept OMF or project files from Cubase 8 or latest version.


Rates depend on a different of factors, from the depth and complexity of the project through to the circumstances of the artist. Please use contact form below to get a more info.